The Presidentís column

Friends of Trevilian Station,


    It seems hard to believe that it has been seventeen and a half years since I asked native Louisan Ed Crebbs to help me form an organization to preserve the Trevilian Station Battlefield, and he agreed.  Ed and I share a personal appreciation for and tie to Trevilian Station, as our great-great grandfathers joined the Louisa Grays, Company D, of the 23rd Virginia Infantry Regiment, that was formed right there at the station in May of 1861.

    We could not have imagined that the 150th anniversary of the most significant historical event in Louisa County would have become such an important date.  Largely ignored by historians and preservationists for the first 130 plus years, it is now one of the greatest success stories in battlefield preservation, and the battle itself is recognized as a major event in the war.  The first major battle fought by the Army of Northern Virginia cavalry after the mortal wounding of General Jeb Stuart was to be yet another Confederate victory; one that would save Gordonsville, Charlottesville, and the vital link to General Robert E. Lee’s food supply for his ever dwindling army now fending off a much larger Union army on the outskirts of Richmond.

    No one could have imagined that today, working in partnership with The Civil War Trust we would have preserved over 2000 acres and one of the two remaining war-time homes for our future generations.  We can only thank our volunteer Board of Directors and the multitude of people who have been instrumental in the effort along the way, and remember the late Delegate V. Earl Dickinson who was the main driving force behind helping our projects find their feet and funding.  We hope to see many of you at the reenactment of the battle this June.  Please stop by and chat with us at our table there.  We would like to give you information on our ongoing and upcoming projects, sell you a book or two, and have you help us celebrate the preservation of Louisa’s most important historical gem.

Gerald Harlow, President
Trevilian Station Battlefield Foundation, Inc.


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