The Presidentís column

Friends of Trevilian Station,


We are happy to announce that The Civil War Trust has just placed an additional thirteen acres under contract which adjoins the ten acres purchased just last year.  This is important land for it is where Custer fought as he approached Trevilian Station.  Sadly though, Liberty Homes purchased a one acre parcel right in the middle of the two parcels and no matter how many times we contacted them, they refused to talk with us about a purchase of the land and instead placed a brand new home right in the middle of the battlefield, ruining the view shed of this portion of the battle.

Last year we also learned that Dollar General working with a local landowner decided to build a store only five miles from another of their stores in Louisa, placing the eyesore right in the middle of Trevilian Station, where men of both sides died.  The reluctance of these people to save our national treasures is just amazing, but money does that to people.  Ironically, it is well known that we wish to preserve the battlefield and having saved or worked with the Civil War Trust to preserve over 2400 acres of the battlefield and one original house, everyone knows we will do anything possible to work with them to preserve the land.  Yet many ignore us to go elsewhere with the sale of their land.

The partnership with the Civil War Trust is what has enabled us to do what we have done, and if you are not a member of that organization or ours, pleas consider joining.

Plans are being made for the opening of the Trevilian House on June 16, 2018 for the first time ever.  We have spent a great deal of money on the project and will have a living history, followed by a dance and a meal that evening.  Information on the event and tickets will be available soon as we are securing a band and the dancers for the event.  We welcome new members and if you are interested in helping us pleas contact us.  We meet on odd numbered months on the fourth Wednesday at 7 p.m., usually at the Trevilian House.  Please verify the location if you wish to attend.  Our annual Park Day where we ask for volunteers to help us with a project is tentatively scheduled for April 7 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Please make plans to help us if you can.


Gerald “Jerry” Harlow, President TSBF
Trevilian Station Battlefield Foundation, Inc.


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