Meet our most recent members of the One Acre Club


        The Board of TSBF wishes to thank our newest member of the One Acre club

        Mr. Eugene R. Goodwyn of Seneca, North Carolina. 

Your contributions make all the difference in our struggle to preserve the battlefield for future generations.




Charlaine Crebbs, Ed Crebbs, Mr. Chuck Tingler, B. Martin, Gerald Harlow.
Mr. Chuck Tingler (Chairman of the Board, Cooke Foundation) presents a check for $10,000 to Treasurer Martin, to help pay down the debt on the Dunn farm, recently acquired from the Civil War Preservation Trust.


Dr. Daniel Beattie (TSBF Advisory Board) recently donated $10,000. We gratefully assign acres 1991 to 2000 for this generous donation.



The Mineral Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy recently donated $1000 to the Trevilian Station Battlefield Foundation for the preservation of an acre of battlefield in their name.  This brings the number of acres preserved in this manner to eighteen.  Pictured left to right are Claudia Chisholm, U.D.C.; B. Martin, TSBF; and Burchie Carroll, U.D.C.

l to r, India Cowdery, Walmart; Gerald Harlow, Pres. TSBF;                       l to r, Kathy Sheridan-Stiles, VP; Gearld Harlow, Pres.  TSBF Tony Fernandez, Manager Walmart DC7016; Ed Crebbs, TSBF      Butch Brown, SCV Camp 19, B. Martin, Tres. TSBF



       These kind people and organizations have dedicated $1000 or more to preserving the battlefield.  Each of these donations are immediately applied to the principle of the loan with the Bank of Louisa, thus lowering interest and making the goal of preservation ever closer.

        Cathy and Gerald Harlow   Acre 1

        Martha and Halsey Green  Acre 2

Betty Blue Omohundro  Acre 3

Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Belinda Stevens  Acre 4

Mr. Eugen R. Goodwyn  Acre 5

        7th Georgia Cavalry-Bavaria  Acre 7

        Walmart DC7016  Acre 16

        Kemper-Frye Strohter SCV Camp 19  Acre 19   

23rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry  Acre 23         

        UDC-Mineral Chapter Acre 1861

Dr. Daniel Beattie  Acres 1991 - 2000



The following is an appeal from the Civil War Preservation Trust for your help to save the Trevilian Station Battlefield:

Donations can be made directly to

P.O. Box 124
Trevilians, VA 23170

We are in a fund-raising campaign now to purchase additional land.

2000 acres have been purchased to date.


Yes, I can help!  Here is my tax deductible donation in the amount of:  

 _____ ($50)  _____ ($100)  _____ ($150)  _____ ($250)  _____ ($500) 


____ ($1,000)  _____ ($2,500)  _____ ($5,000)  _____________ (other) 


Name ____________________________________________________


Address __________________________________________________


State __________  Zip Code _____________


 We are currently paying $81 a day in interest charges and we must bring that figure down. Won’t you join the cause and help us now?





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